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SHould I use lower amps to charge my li-ion pack?
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Author:  jfgout [ Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:12 am ]
Post subject:  SHould I use lower amps to charge my li-ion pack?

Hi everyone,

I've noticed that the li-ion battery pack provded with the Dynamic Perception Stage R (DC UPS POWER BANK Model: UPS08P-V1) comes with a charger that delivers DC13V 1.5A. This is nice because you can use the charger as an AC/DC adapter (run the Stage R directly from the charger plugs into the wall) and probably will charge the battery relatively fast (1.5A seems a lot for a charger). However, I'm worried 1.5A is too much for charging and that it might reduce the battery life. I'm not worried about charging time and want to optimize the battery life time. So, I was thinking about using another charger which 12.6V 350mA. Does that sound like a good idea?

Consedring the fact that my knoledge/understanding of electricity is very limited, I come here for help and advice!



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