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Long term power--like months
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Author:  focused504 [ Tue May 10, 2016 8:03 am ]
Post subject:  Long term power--like months

Hello--Im new to the forum but not timelapse. Have a long term project and am looking for some advice on power.

The project is to cover the entire growing season of an agricultural crop. Approximately 7 months. Multiple cameras outdoors, no power available. We needed to get going fast in early April and get cameras out in the field (literally). Now that we are capturing we are running into some power issues we need to solve.

Ideally we would have went with s couple of DSLRs. Housing that met our needs and budget were hard to come by so we went with a method we have already tested with good results. A GoPro Hero 3Black (5V/1A) in an all weather security housing that has a heater and blower fan for cooling. Those run on 12V DC power.

We started with larger Anton Bauer Hytron 140s that we already had. Got about 3.5 days out of each charge. That wasn't enough so we moved to a 12V deep cell marine battery. It lives in a weather proof housing made for boating and powers an inverter that has a USB port for the GoPro and the fan runs right out of the 12v power plug. We only want 1 picture every 4 hours but with the 1 minute option on the gopro we are just dumping a lot of frames. It is what it is. So far the marine battery has given us 2 weeks with little to no power draw on the battery. Looking ahead, this will change. Enter solar chargers with trickle charge option.

Has any one used one of these? Can you hook it up to the same posts to charge the batter while the interver is also drawing off of it? Should we just run the marine batteries and on a card swap, swap the batteries and charge them up again for deployment? Extra batteries are About $60.

Because we have 3 cameras our issue is multiplied 3 times. Whatever solution we come to needs to be purchased, assembled and then deployed three times. :roll: Help Please.

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