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 Second Shooter vs eMotimo TB3 vs Dynamic Perception? 
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Post Second Shooter vs eMotimo TB3 vs Dynamic Perception?
I've been looking for the reviews of Kessler's second shooter and I haven't come across any in-depth real world reviews other than the typical marketing ones found on blogs introducing it. Anyone know of articles or reviews that you could point me towards? google does not seem to be returning quality searches, yes I realize it hasn't been out very long.

Ideally I am looking at a three axis system. Ease of use is major factor but so is function. My big question about the Dynamic Perception system is going from real time recording (moving for 30fps setup) to a time-lapse situation. Will I need to carry different motors for each function and if so for a 3-axis move am I looking at needing 6 separate motors? What is the advantage of the DP system over the Second Shooter? I really like the idea of having a slider come apart for easy transport and expand outward if need be. I am a bit concerned if the interface is turnkey enough for my limited mechanical and coding/scripting skills?

the eMotimo looks great for size but am hoping I can get some insights comparing it to the Second shooter. Again looking for real world opinions not tech details I can read online. My analogy is bicycle marketing, They love to talk about this and that component but gloss over the true quality of the wheel-set.

I do apologize if my questions seem obvious or even obtuse I feel like I can understand stuff better upfront in person than reading specs on websites/blogs and know I am missing key characteristics to each system that is why any real world opinions, insights or links would be greatly appreciated.

thanks jeff

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Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:17 am

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Post Re: Second Shooter vs eMotimo TB3 vs Dynamic Perception?
Yes! I have been hunting for the exact same input. Hopefully someone has some genius to offer.

Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:43 pm

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Post Re: Second Shooter vs eMotimo TB3 vs Dynamic Perception?
There are many many differences.. I can't possibly touch on them all but since I own Dynamic Perception I can answer your questions about our systems:

To start with I think you have to understand that Dynamic Perception now offers both Analog and Digital systems.. You're comparing Kessler's digital system to DP's analog system.. not exactly a fair fight! If you want to put Kessler Analog against DP Analog then the answer to your specific question is the same, yes you will need different motors to do timelapse and video work. If you want to put Kessler Digital against DP Digital then the answer is slightly different.. With DPs 19:1 digital motors you can get a wider range of speed than the analog. Basically when it comes to pan/tilt your all set, the slowest and fastest speeds are plenty to handle just about any 'normal' timelapse and video shoot you can throw at it, when it comes to Slider you will have top end speed limitations at around an inch per second. We will be offering a faster slider motor early next year that will push that upto about 4 inches per second.

Why on earth would you need to know code to use our systems?? I have no idea what gave you that impression! :lol: You DO NOT need to know ANY code/scripting to use Dynamic Perception systems. You will need some basic knowledge on how to operate a smartphone though. ;)

I hope this helps. Remember: Analog and Digital are different animals. Try to make sure that your comparing apples to apples.

We're happy to chat with you about our systems and fill in any missing info or help you to achieve the shots your looking for, please feel free to contact us: ... ntact-you-


Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:48 am
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