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Full motion control system for video/timelapse
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Author:  laidman [ Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Full motion control system for video/timelapse

Hey folks,

Well, I've been told to start checking out some motion control systems for our office. I haven't kept up with everything that's happened over the last couple years, and so I need a little help!

We're looking for a complete motion control rig (motorised slider, pan, tilt, (focus too would be fun!)), as well as a regular push slider (current one is old and it's difficult to do slow slides), and something like the Edelkrone Slider One/Wing (for a more portable setup).

Our budget is around 5,000 dollars for the works (maybe stretching to 6?) Cameras include smaller stuff - an A7s, Canon 5D IIIs, NX1, GH4/5, up to an FS7.

Use will be general filming, repeated movements, interview stuff, and also timelapse.

For distance, a metre would be nice. I know Edelkrone goes to about 90cm max, but that Dynamic Perception and some of the others have extendable/add-on rails (but how do these work compared to a dedicated, fully-set system?)

I know of Edelkrone, Dynamic Perception, Syrp, eMotimo...and I know there are others!

How do these compare in terms of their motion control kits, but then also in terms of timelapse integration? I'm assuming they all do shoot-move-shoot if they have a dedicated timelapse mode...Anything else to look out for?

We're in South Korea, too, as I know there are some South Korean brands that do make some stuff...Not sure how well they compare, though...

Thank you!

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