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Focus / Interval Suggestions?
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Author:  Brandon [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Focus / Interval Suggestions?


I'm planning on building my first motion time lapse dolly tomorrow morning and I was hoping to get some suggestions from all of you who are much wiser than this padawan in the ways of motion time lapse.

I'm planning on building a spider track diy dolly to take on a ski trip this weekend to Aspen. I've done time lapse before for clients and some personal use but since I haven't done much with motion time lapse I was hoping to get some information as to what kind of settings you would recommend. I'll be using a 1 rpm motor with a Canon 5d m II. I was wondering if Evaluative focus is the best setting since there will be another degree of movement on the time lapse? Also, what interval would you recommend for capturing clouds and skiers going by? I was thinking every 2 seconds but that's just based on what I've done in the past.



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