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Merlin/Orion Teletrack Mount Head fails to fire camera help!
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Author:  Astroman [ Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Merlin/Orion Teletrack Mount Head fails to fire camera help!


I have recently decided to bring out my Orion Teletrack mount out of hibernation and get it moving again. One thing about my mount though, was it didn't have the Camera "snap" socket connected to the main controller board. With some searching the internet I found out how to connect the 2.5mm jack socket to the controller board, and then from there to the camera. I use a 2.5mm stereo cable to go from the mount to the camera. I can fire the camera with an intervalometer and also by shorting the pins on the cable. with the cable connected to the mount I can fire the camera via the Optoisolator also. So at least I know that my wiring works.

The only other thing I did was because the Orion teletrack did not have Panorama function in its firmware on the v3 hand controller, I updated the firmware on the HC to the All View mount firmware from the skywatcher website. This works perfectly fine with the Orion Teletrack, it moves it without any problem, it does timelapses and panoramas, by moving the mount around as it should. The only problem is, it wont fire the camera, or short the pins to make the shutter fire on the camera. I have tried almost everything. This is why I am typing this on this forum, in the hope someone might know what may be happening. I didn't update the firmware on the head, because it wouldn't for some reason.

If anyone has an Orion Teletrack with the snap function working perfectly, could you please take a photo of the main control board in the arm of the head? I want to see if the Jumper pins are the same on my mount. I have a Jumper on JP1, but no jumpers on JP2 and JP3. I am thinking removing JP1 jumpers might activate it, but I am unsure if this is the correct procedure. I don't want to stuff the mount up, just by trial and error.

If anyone knows what may be happening I would really appreciate it.

Andrew Wall
South Australia

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