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How To - Control GoPro with Intervalometer, long duration TL
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Author:  soundkite [ Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:41 am ]
Post subject:  How To - Control GoPro with Intervalometer, long duration TL

Here's a solution for permanently charging your GoPro while sealed inside its waterproof housing... and program it to start and stop recording hours or days in the future! Recently, a couple innovators have shown how to modify USB mini cables to fit inside the GoPro waterproof housing ( http://www.instructables.com/id/Modify-a-Mini-B-USB-Cable-to-Power-an-Enclosed-GoP/ ). When coupled with a HydRemote Cable System and intervalometer, you can program your Gopro HD Hero , Hero2, or Hero3 White to record video or time lapses for many more hours than the typical 2 hour battery life of your camera (camera must be in 'one button mode'). The GoPro can remain dormant for days or weeks, too, which makes this a great compact option for remote unmanned locations. Unlike many DSLR cameras, the GoPro remains completely powered off, not just asleep, until triggered.

Before I go further, please understand that I am using the external intervalometer in an unconventional way, as it is only being used to power the camera on (exposure #1), then off (exposure #2). The HydRemote cable is using the shutter release as a signal to power the camera, NOT to take a photo. The GoPro camera itself is programmed to take time lapse images once I've started it with the HydRemote. If this is confusing, you can find many tutorials online describing GoPro's "One Button Mode". Also see a more detailed demo for connecting an intervalometer to a GoPro at http://www.hydremote.com/videos.html#intervalometer

In this demo, I programmed the intervalometer to start a timelapse the next day from sunrise to sunset, 10 second interval 5 megapixel photos. The system worked flawlessly, and after 13.5 hours of recording, I had only recorded 9 gigabytes of data. I used a 5m usb cable plugged into an outlet, but an external battery source would have worked just as well. After recording ended, my Hero2 still registered a completely full battery. I sped up the timelapse in post-processing, but it is uncut from beginning to end of the 13.5 hour recording.

NOTE 1: If you wish to use a similar PG7 cable gland with a USB cable, you should insert the cable gland onto the cable before reassembling the metal sheath at the end of the mini-b connector.

DISCLOSURE: I am the developer of the HydRemote Cable System, so this is a bit self promoting. However, I hope you find it as useful a solution as I do! At this time, HydRemote cables do not work with Hero3 silver or black cameras, but the diy USB cable should work with all GoPro HD Hero, Hero2, and Hero3 models. There are more video tutorials at http://www.hydremote.com, including a more detailed demo for connecting an intervalometer to a GoPro camera.

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