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Triggertrap mobile - first impressions
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Author:  eggmedia [ Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Triggertrap mobile - first impressions

Thought I'd share my first impressions of the new Triggertrap 'Mobile' intervalometer. If you haven't seen this it uses an iDevice to control your DSLR via a special dongle and a converter cable. You also need to download their app, there's a free version and a paid one with more features.

My first tests have been with a Canon 1100D and the paid version of the software running on an old iPhone 3GS. Initially I encountered one problem whereby the 3.5mm plug on the dongle wouldn't go all the way into the headphone socket on the iPhone. I tried the dongle with an iPhone 4S and it worked fine. So I used a short headphone extension cable to connect it and it worked perfectly. It could be the jack on my 3GS is a bit fussy about what jacks it will work with. Once I had that solved it was very straightforward to connect the camera and get the app firing it. The instructions provided in the app and on the triggertrap website are excellent :D

I shot a test of some clouds as a simple benchmark. I decided to use the 'Eased Timelapse' feature as this is one the things the triggertrap can do that a simple intervalometer can't. The result was really good, the speed up of the shot feels natural and its very easy to program. The only issue I encountered was that the iPhone switched itself off after just over an hour. I suspect that the battery is not in great condition any more seeing as its a few years old. I plan to do another test where I power the iPhone from the same 12v battery I use for the 1100D (with an adaptor to drop the voltage down).

Here's the six seconds I did get (try and ignore the dirt spots on the filter ;) )


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