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Niche issue: ML Intervalometer meets "Auto Switch Cards"
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Author:  Red [ Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:20 am ]
Post subject:  Niche issue: ML Intervalometer meets "Auto Switch Cards"

Hi Guys,

A niche issue for you - grateful any insight.

Magic Lantern's intervalometer is working perfectly for me, however, I can never get the Auto Switch Cards function to work with it. When I run a timelapse, the approx 1050 large raw files save to (and fill) my CF card and then only 1 large raw file is saved to my SD card. The sequence stops recording thereafter, instead of continuing to capture more shots on my SD card. In theory, I should have capacity for 2100 raw files (1050+1050) but instead I have 1051 (1050 + 1).

My setup:
- I am running the Magic Lantern's latest build (nightly release as of 2 September 2016) but have had the same issue on previous builds.
- Using Canon 5D3 with firmware 1.2.3 (with ML on top of that)
- the ML firmware is installed on the SD card. I have tried putting the firmware on the CF card but that doesn't change anything.
- Both cards are 32gb, formatted the same. Thanks guys.

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