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 Internet TV Channel devoted to Time lapse coming in 2016 
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Post Internet TV Channel devoted to Time lapse coming in 2016
Want to promote yourself with your clip reel a Television based platform? read on.

This is to announce that launch of TimeLapseTV in 2016. It will be an internet TV channel devoted to amazing time lapse art. We are talking about internet TV e.g - Roku, or AppleTV, or Amazon Fire. We have put up a website: and there, you will be able to see if it is something you might want to participate in, and sign up as a contributor. We are trying to launch, and are just starting. Right now, we are not on the air yet. We need contributors.

It's chief benefit to time lapse artists will be increased exposure to their work. We welcome the same type of clip reels that many use to expose & promote their work on Vimeo or Youtube. If you have viewed your work on a 40" or larger TV set, then you know how amazing they can look. Singing up as a contributor would extend the reach of clip-reels that you may already use to promote your works and services. We hope it can become a community where like minded people can promote their beautiful works to a global TV audience, educate and entertain.

We want to constantly feature different artists, and also use video to educate and explain the craft, and how some of the amazing images are made.

The channel will be free to contributors and viewers. Right now those who already host videos in a Vimeo pro account are the type of individual that we are looking for. Vimeo pro produces very high quality streaming url's for this purpose.

Take a look and see if you might be interested in becoming a contributor.

Thank you.

Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:09 am
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Post Re: Internet TV Channel devoted to Time lapse coming in 2016
Good luck with you venture but you may dissuade a lot of potential contributors with your requirement
Singing up as a contributor

Smile, it gives your face something to do!

Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:19 am

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Post Re: Internet TV Channel devoted to Time lapse coming in 2016
THINK SELF PROMOTION - It's no different that you posting your video links in your footer to promote yourself, which I see that you engage in (even though they will plaster ads over your work).

Many people post their varied TL clip reels to promote their services as TL artists - because it's how they get work. is no different than posting on youtube or vimeo in that its also the internet. We are not talking about using anyones work in a movie or an entertainment product, or a commercial. This is not an entertainment company. it's similar to Vimeo or YouTube - its a way to get your works on internet tv. is a form of self publishing, not a movie or a commercial. We are in a per-launch mode. Yes we are looking for contributors.

Anyone who already in effect advertises with an internet clip reel will feel very much at home. If you are publicing a name or a brand - then this is advertising for you. Anyone who just has single clips that are one-shot stock footage items that don't project their brand, or name as an artist, will miss out on the full impact of this.

If you think the only use for your hard made footage is waiting for a stock company to finally give you 25% while they keep the other 75%, (and you become enraged) you still might benefit from this. Btw, I've sold to those guys and felt that it was the most exploitative experience ever. Come on and join our community, you might actually like it.

Think postitvely Lad, there could be a silver lining! One promise, we won't plaster ads over your work.

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify about

Mon Jun 06, 2016 4:18 am

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Post Re: Internet TV Channel devoted to Time lapse coming in 2016
Interesting initiative. As a consumer, this is something I would subscribe to subject to your fees.

Wishing you the very best.

Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:27 am
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Post Re: Internet TV Channel devoted to Time lapse coming in 2016
I looked at your site and read through some of the FAQs. So you are not going to run ads, not going to charge me and not going to charge the viewers, which is all great. Since I have been trapped in a decadent capitalist state for some time, I have to ask, how do you plan to make money off of this? And if there is no money in it, why are you doing it? I get the concept of letting Vimeo do the heavy lifting of streaming the videos while your application just arranges the playlist and transfers the feed to the next clip when the previous one finishes (very slick by the way). But even with less overhead, you are doing a lot here and I see no reason or at least no way to get paid. Are you planning to build traffic with free services and then sell ad space later (which is perfectly reasonable and follows the standard television business model)? Or do you have a bunch of your own work to showcase and think the full-time channel will give you more exposure along with everyone else? I'm searching for your source of motivation here.

The other question, which you have attempted to answer is why should photographers give you free content? I do put stuff on Youtube, so I get that its similar. Is this just for timelapse shots (as seen through the camera lens)? Or can we post behind the scenes stories with narration? Can we post behind the scenes informational type stuff about how motion control works with timelapse and stopmotion? What about instructional videos about how to use a particular motion control system? Or how to use Ramperpro to timelapse through sunrise or sunset?

Can I add my Youtube videos or do I need to start posting to vimeo? Do I need a vimeo pro account or can I use their free account?

Hopefully these questions will help clarify.

Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:35 am

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Post Re: Internet TV Channel devoted to Time lapse coming in 2016
To Sciencelookers,

Since you visited the TimeLpaseTV website, feel free to address any questions to the contact address there. That’s what our site is for.

Aside for the initial announcement, and boiler-plate information that we have posted, we have no plans of turning the Timescapes web-forum into an expanded subdirectory for TimeLapseTV.

Thanks very much for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you. Please consider registering as a contributor and promote your TL work with a branded clipreel of your making.

Sat Sep 03, 2016 5:19 pm
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