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 Engine Version 0.82 Released 
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Post Engine Version 0.82 Released
Ok guys, after a bunch of work and testing, I've been able to get 0.82 ready for release. You can download the sketch for an Arduino board here:

Here are (high-level) the changes:

* Added backlash compensation for each motor axis (adjust direction changes by up to 255 steps)
* Added fire camera now serial protocol command

Full manual control is now supported, in addition to 'program' control.

* Full bi-directional serial protocol exposing all capabilities

Know when motor moves complete, whether a command is accepted or not, etc.

* Added ability to request operating parameters and status info to serial protocol

Disconnect and re-connect from the engine with your UI at will, and check status later on. Save power by not running a UI of any sort when not needed.

* Added support for fourth motor axis
* Added support for bringing focus pin high with shutter pin (for nikons and related)
* Added support for motor kill (sleep) shared line - disable motors between moves (save power)

* Added support for repeat-cycle shooting
* Added support for calling actions during shot repeat cycle
* Added support for calling actions at end of shot repeat cycle
* Added support for sending motors home after shot repeat cycle

Repeat cycle allows for shooting multiple timelapses at different speeds,
in different positions, HDR shooting, stereoscopic shooting, and
gigapano shots when combined with repeat actions

* Added support for setting minimum and maximum step rate
* Added support for ramp down now command (as opposed to action)

Motor downramps can now happen: at certain 'real time', at a certain frame of the video, after a motor has moved to a specific point, or just whenever you feel like it

* Added support for modifying exposure action multiplier value (get percentages of exposure value)

e.g.: Can define that each 'frame' is a series of 10 shots, each 3.25% shorter exposure than previous

* Added support for actions that only change direction/enable settings for motor

Can now do actions that trigger a motor to reverse direction or simply stop/start moving based on what is happening with your video

* Added support for actions that set a specified exposure time
* Added serial read timeout to prevent lockup (send specified data within specified time)
* Extended keyframes of each type and actions to 16

Now up to 48 keyframes can be specified to call up to 16 actions during the course of the timelapse video

* Extended count of camera shots for keyframes from 8192 to > 268 million

You can now script actions to run over a very long 'movie' timeline

* Extended steps and exposure time values used in actions to 65,536

Make much larger movements between shots to hit different angles in one shoot.

* Fixed several bugs inherited from 0.81

Basically, this release builds on the core capabilities of the engine, providing complete control and status requests, etc. The idea is to provide a full-blown, autonomous 'engine' that lets any sort of user interface connect to it, tell it how to create the shot, video, etc. that you want, and then let it do its job.

I've provided a simple scripting application for it, that acts like a direct interface to each command the engine supports. It is pretty difficult to just approach and shoot a video with, I can admit that *g*, but it does provide a very capable scripting engine for setting up repeated shots, etc. It's called Slim, and you can download it here:

The documentation has been updated, and shows the complete serial protocol, here:


Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:28 pm
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