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Hyperlapse - distance of each shot?
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Author:  tribal-warrior [ Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Hyperlapse - distance of each shot?

I'm very keen to try out hyperlapse for the very first time in the near future. Though I'm curious to know what distance to set between each shot. I was looking at one of many hyperlapse tutorials on youtube and the guy moved the tripod one length of his foot for each exposure. Do people here use that same distance (approximately one foot) or do you vary it in different environments? I would prefer to get that sort of thing right during shooting rather than speed it up later during post. If I speed up movement in Sony Movie Studio, I notice I get a weird side effect. Ive sped up stop motion animation with SMV and it introduces a bit of blurriness to things that appear to be in motion. You get sort of a secondary ghost image of the subject as it moves around.

For stabilising the footage, I notice a lot of people use After Effects. I don't have a copy of AE but I'll give the deshaker plugin in Virtual Dub a go and see how that handles it.

Author:  yayasite [ Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hyperlapse - distance of each shot?

The distance between shots can vary a lot. The best way (for me) is to choose a starting point and an ending point, and measure the distance between those 2 points (in steps, feet, maybe in tiles, ...). You will also need the final duration of the hyperlapse.

Let's say, you want a 6sec hyperlapse. At 25 fps, you know you'll need 6x25 = 150 pictures. If the distance is around 100 feet, you'll need to move your tripod by 100/150 = 2/3 foot

If you look at the video on my signature, I've done hyperlapses with 1 step between each pictures, other with 5cm, 1 foot, ...

And don't stop there if your first test doesn't look that great, you'll learn a lot from the errors you've made, and the next one will be better, or maybe the one after.

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