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Stop-Motion Animation Workflow Advice?
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Author:  potatobear [ Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:39 am ]
Post subject:  Stop-Motion Animation Workflow Advice?

Hello There,
My question/s is about Stop-motion Animation. I have a very complex situation, but will keep it pretty general.
Because I am working with large Camera Raw Sequences, I thought maybe y'all timelapsers could chime in!

Basically, I have been shooting with a Nikon D90, shooting both raw and jpeg using the stop-motion program Dragon (great program).
I am now done with production and plan on doing some flicker correction to the Raw's (light level shifts, luckily nothing major, since i have been shooting with a manual F/stop lens, but there are definitely places i want to smooth out)

Unfortunately, I have been back and forth with the tech support at GBDeflicker, and i can't get their plugin working (which i've been told is the stopmotion industry standard for deflickering)
So then I got turned onto LRTimelapse. It seems like a really powerful program! I have been opening the Raw sequences right into LRTimelapse (i'm not sure if or why i should go through Bridge first, my files are all named well).
I can definitely see that LRTimelapse is able to track and quantify my flicker, which is exciting...But after i go through the process, deflickering (though i don't understand the keyframe wizard part.. which could be my problem), I save into the xmp, then import my raw sequence into After Effects. I then export a Prores422 from the LRTimelapsed Raw files, and also I export a prores from a copy of those same raw files, but copied from before I used LRTimelapse. In the end, when comparing the two QTs, I honestly can't see any flicker correction and it really just makes me think i'm missing something..

so that is my first question...am i missing something ..
my second question is: is there any way to open my raw sequence in AE, create a new comp from it, and then within the new comp, scrolling through till I find a Flickering frame, I want to adjust the Camera Raw settings of just that one frame. is there a way to bring back the camera raw display from when i first import into AE and use them just on one frame? or does it not work that way...

Thank you for your time in advance!
I hope yall stay warm sitting outside ;-)

--Adam Davies

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