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Timelapse Post Workflow
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Author:  Nightjar [ Wed Jan 27, 2016 4:33 am ]
Post subject:  Timelapse Post Workflow

Hi there,

I am new to timelapse. I've been playing around with my A7II lately and the timelapse App which
is not bad.

I seem to have understood the shooting itself whereas the post workflow is still concerning me:

There are a lot of tutorials on youtube showing how to process, many of which involve a lot of
steps an switching between programms like Lightroom, Bridge, LRTimelapse, After Effects etc.
It seems a little complicated and I haven't really understood why they are going into all these
programs. E.g.:

1. why go into Lightroom and then after effects, if AE also has camera RAW?
2. Is LRTimelapse really necessary? Aren't all the tools to be found in AE?
3. Can't it all be done in AE? I already pay for my CC I don't wanna spend
another 100 bucks for LRTiemlapse
4. Maybe there are plugins so that all can be done in AE?

Thanks for the help (:


Author:  amongstmyselves [ Wed Jan 27, 2016 7:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Timelapse Post Workflow

Hi Nightjar,

Welcome to wonderful world of timelapse.

The reason I and others use Lightroom is mostly with LRTimelapse. I don't use After effects for the final editing but do use it for cleanup sometimes. I generate Cineform AVI files from LRTimelapse which I then edit in Sony Vegas but it could be in After Effects. AE will not allow you to animate any of the controls within the RAW conversion inside After Affects whereas LRTimelapse allows you to animate all the RAW controls which aid in the conversion of auto exposure timelapse, and stepped exposure timelapse where the aperture has been closed or opened due to sunrise, sunset or any other general light change. Note that mostly the changes are made to the exposure. These changes that LRTimelapse makes are to the sidecard files, XMP files, which After Effects, Lightroom etc will use to translate the image.

The LRTimelapse web site does talk about using Adobe Camera RAW via Bridge to do the preparation work of creating the XMP which can then be used with After Effects. I've not tried this but there is no reason it wouldn't work.

Another nice feature I also use with my 3 axis rig is the ability to animate gradients within LRTimelapse.

If you never plan to make animate changes in exposure then you don't need Lightroom or LRTimelapse.

If you check out some of the tutorials over at LRTimelapse you get a better idea of what I am talking about.

I'm sure others will have other reasons for using LRTimelapse and correct me where I'm wrong :-)

Hope this helps.


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