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Help understanding what I need before I make a purchase
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Author:  bw8755 [ Wed May 19, 2010 7:17 am ]
Post subject:  Help understanding what I need before I make a purchase

I am very interested in timelapse as well as astrophotography. However, I'm new to both and would liek some help understanding the necessary gear so I can make an informed decision. What I wan to be able to do is:

* Create timelapse videos shot with my current camera gear using (bodies and lenses - Nikon gear). I want to incorporate the pan/tilt capabilities of motor drives as I see done here.

* Get a telescope suitable for astrophotography that can work with my camera bodies; use the same motor-drive for tracking purposes and Go-to functionality.

This is my first rig and while I don't want to spend a bunch of money on a new hobby, or a tangent of my main hobby, I don't want to spend so little that I will outgrow it too quickly.

Some points of confusion that I need to get straight: If I buy a Milapse unit from the store mentioned in the forums here, will this unit still perform normal Go-to functions for star finding/tracking or is the software modification limit the original capability so that it now only performs pan/tilt for timelapse use?

If I buy a Milapse, what other equipment do I need to get in order to connect my Nikon bodies (D700/D300s)? Are there any specific telescopes that will work with the Milapse? Are only Meade models compatible?

I've looked online at telescopes. A few that I found were the Meade ETX-90AT. Would this be suitable for timelapse and astrophotography?

I've also looked at the Orion EON 80ED. This would require the mount/tripod/motor drive. Would this work with a Milapse?

Are there other telescopes better suited for imaging? I want to do some closer planetary stuff but also some deep sky objects.

I've heard of the Openmoco, and that Milapse is past it's prime. However, I'm totally lost as to what hardware is necessary with Openmoco.

Are there any telescope/mounts/trackers that can be used with timelapse photography out of the box?

I know it's a lot of questions, but my head has been spinning with this for a few months so I figured it's time to stop and ask for help. I'm afraid I'll buy something that will be good for one aspect of this, but not the other.

Thanks a bunch!

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