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Longer Moves with 2nd Shooter
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Author:  UWChasm [ Thu May 05, 2016 1:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Longer Moves with 2nd Shooter


I have a 3aixs 2ndShooter with 35' pocket dolly. The lower torque motor. I like this set up for video. But, I also want to do longer TL moves. Have been looking at the Kessler TLS system.


Does anyone have experience/feedback with using that system? With my existing 2S motor and system what is the maximum length rail or slider that seems to work well for TL?



Author:  scotchtape [ Sun May 08, 2016 7:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Longer Moves with 2nd Shooter

Wow. I'm surprised they just made a Kessler version of the original Dynamic Perception Stage Zero!
DP you should pat yourselves on the back for being that visionary!

With Kessler version I'm not sure how far you can get out to, but I'm sure you can do up to like 20ft if you wanted.

With DP I think some people have done 12'

DP standard is 6' 80/20 rail.

OP - if you haven't used these rails before be aware that they are beefy and definitely not "light weight" and "travel ready" as advertised.
I don't know what length you are thinking about getting or where you are thinking about shooting, but if you have any distance to travel from the car, I suggest getting a different system for the weight and portability.

I think max I want to carry a 6ft rail is 1km!
I can't even imagine how people have carried these things into the backcountry...

You can get used DP stage zero systems for under $500 on eBay if you want to try 80/20 rail.

It's a good setup and I still use it because I know it just "works" - but I seriously dread lugging it around.
I have it in a ski bag and it's very quick to setup because I leave the cart on the rail.
I know it will work in pretty much any environment, plus if someone trips on it I know at least the rail will be fine.
BUT. It's heavy heavy heavy and huge.

I do have 2x 3 foot sections I can connect and am considering using those, but I'd have to add in extra steps to set up and take down the slider.

That being said, I try to keep close to the car and end up using the 80/20 rail more than my carbon slider because it's convenient to set up :)

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