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TLDF (Time Lapse DeFlicker) for Windows Available Now!
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Author:  Jinsheng [ Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:57 am ]
Post subject:  TLDF (Time Lapse DeFlicker) for Windows Available Now!

After some intensive developing, TLDF is finally available on Windows. Download it here on Windows App Store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p ... 1c981z041t

Here is an intro video to the this new Windows Version:

Windows version has many improvements compared to the current Mac version. Here is a list of top features:

1. Pixel level brightness adjustment: Instead of globally changing the exposure for all the pixels by the same value, TLDF adjusts brightness of each individual pixel differently to optimize the flicker free effect for overall sequence. For example, black pixels stay black while other pixels can increase or decrease the brightness.

2. Noise Reduction: Pictures always have noises especially in the shadow areas. TLDF's noise reduction algorithm will further reduce the flicker from time-lapse sequence and generate beautiful clean skies. This feature works particularly well on clear sky or sky with white clouds.

3. 16-bit Editing and Input/Output. If users choose TIFF image as output, TLDF does 16-bit (16-bit value for each R,G,B color) editing and generates 16-bit images. Although, this is slower than 8-bit editing, the resulting images have higher dynamic range, which will be ideal for editing (raising shows etc.) and generating high dynamic range timelapse sequences for HDR monitors.

4. Fast DeFlickering: TLDF will detect number of cores in your system and generate the matching number of concurrent threads (up to 6) for faster deflickering. It can speed up the process up to 6 times.

5. RAW Support: TLDF supports most of the popular image formats (JPEG, TIFF, ...). It also supports RAW formats (CR2, DNG, ...) supported by your Windows Operating System.

6. Video Input/Output: TLDF strongly recommends using images for both input and output for the highest possibly quality. However, TLDF supports deflickering from video inputs and it also can generate H.264 video outputs.

7. Metadata Retention: Your EXIF metadata will be copied to the output images.

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