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 Timelapse - camera and batteries question 
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Post Timelapse - camera and batteries question
I'm new here, I am interested in shooting of landscape timelapses, but there are some troubles.

Which camera should I use? Shutter life is a big issue. One single timelapse needs 1.000 shots or even more. The need to count the number of shutter actuations would discourage me from free experimentation. Maybe some EVIL camera with electronic shutter?

The other big issue is battery life. I don't think that any normal battery is enough for several thousands shoots. Only external power supply may be considered. But which one? Unfortunately, no camera can be powered both from charging device and from internal battery like a smartphone. It would be the best solution.

One more issue: a remote control device uses its own battery. And there is no way to monitor the charge level of this battery. Does this mean, I have to change this battery after every single timelapse shooting?

Nikon V1 and Panasonic G6 would be interesting. BUT. Nikon V1 is limited to 999 shots for timelapse. And Panasonic G6 doesn't allow to use exposure over 1 second with electronic shutter. If there were a way to remove the 999 limitation of Nikon V1, it would be great.

Fri Aug 22, 2014 7:04 am

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Post Re: Timelapse - camera and batteries question
In my case I'm not too worried about the shutter life of my Canon 600D. It's near 70 000, shot trough out +25C and -25C weathers every year. I don't think single timelapse needs 1000 shots. I usually aim for 240 shots, so I'll get 10 seconds of video on 24fps what is enough for me. When I started timelapse I did shoot much more frames what were useless for me when I cut them off in edit. But of course there's situations when you need more shots than usual.

I use battery grip with 600D. Battery have never ended even when I've shot 6 hours long timelapses, but one down side it's that my battery grip shows just full battery and empty battery, but I've learn pretty much how long it last and when I'll need to charge it.

My remote controller also doesn't show its level, only when it's at very minimum what isn't too useful. :D I really don't have any special solution for it other than having spare batteries with me.

I've had only experiences with Canon cameras so I can't give you opinion about Nikon or Panasonic, but I hope that I helped you in some way.

Sun Aug 24, 2014 12:18 am
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Post Re: Timelapse - camera and batteries question
maybe one way of getting round the 999 shot limit would be an arduino with a inferred led to fire the nikon v1. i have a v1 bought on a whim because of the inbuilt intervalometer not used it much . but it is one of the next things i want to do with an arduino there are a few web sites that have info on inferred leds and nikons if you search around . i would check to see if you can change the aperture and or shutter while the intervalometer is going as they both seem locked but that could be me and i only played with it twice before going onto another project. however i do like the little v1 colour is nice, does raw files has changeable lenses. also doesn't seem to matter whether i shoot jpg or raw cant shoot an interval of less than 5 seconds which may limit you or not hope that helps. regarding batteries i would hack a battery pack and run some wires to one of those little 12 volt batteries that would have to last a good long time i think but then i am not as scared at killing things as i used to be well 12 volt or less electronic things anyway :-)

Sun Aug 24, 2014 3:59 am

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Post Re: Timelapse - camera and batteries question
Thank you very much for your answers.
OK, it's impossible to determine the battery state. :(

999 shots would be enough for the very beginning but not for such timelapse:
120 seconds video with 30 FPS means 3600 photos. No, sorry, 999 isn't enough for me.

Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:04 am
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