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Power from 160WH Lithium ion Battery to Emotimo and Camera?
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Author:  StuPhilkill [ Fri Jan 23, 2015 11:45 am ]
Post subject:  Power from 160WH Lithium ion Battery to Emotimo and Camera?

Hi all,
I'm trying to setup a versatile power solution for my emotimo and Canon 5D mkii. Here's my idea so far:

Use a Global Media Pro 160wh Li-Ion battery to power both the robot and camera. I figure the emotimo draws 18 watts (12V x 1.5A) and the camera draws about 5 watts (7.9V x .65A - this will depend on the frame rate, I believe). There should be plenty of juice to run the rig for 6.5 hours on a single battery. Sounds great.

Now, how to power both robot and camera without breaking the bank? I've read everywhere the three-pin AB style mount is far more secure than the v-mount. I plan to use these batteries for my shoulder rig in the future, so I'd like to invest in a more solid system. If I buy the AB mount battery can I use a power pinch, like this one, to power both components AND charge the battery? A little pricey, but a great way to keep the power set-up versitile. My main concern with this is charging the battery off the pinch. As long as it works, I should be able to plug the emotimo into the 12V output and the 5D dummy battery into the 7.4V output and be a happy, time-lapsing camper. Does anyone have experience with this set-up or similar?

The other option, involving a bit more work, is to power the components with the P-tap right out of the battery and use a P-tap splitter and voltage regulators for each of the two devices. This option would be a little cheaper and reliable, but involves more components and rigging.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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